Recommended School Supplies

What School Supplies Do I Need?

Every year the teachers provide DeKeyser Elementary students with a recommended supply list for each grade level.


Although the district provides funds that allows our school to buy the supplies your child may need to be successful, if you would like your child to have their own personal supplies, please feel free to purchase from the list below.  Some grade levels have also asked for resources such as Kleenex that could be used to supply the whole class. Please do not feel obligated to purchase any of the items listed for your child’s grade.
Thank you.

Kindergarten 2019/20
1st grade 2019/20
2nd grade 2019/20
3rd grade 2019/20 - coming soon
4th grade 2019/20
5th grade 2019/20
6th grade 2019/20

School Supplies backpack